Do You Have a Successful Entrepreneur Mindset?

Fact: People are not all created the same!

Resources, blueprints and business plans are available to everybody

But everybody are not going to react the same to what’s available to them.

Some of those people will use what’s available to go out and attain huge success

Some, on the other hand, will simply fail

So the big question is, what’s the difference between these two group of people?


Give someone who has the right mindset a poor business plan and chances are, they’ll eventually win.

They’ll simply figure things out somehow.

On the other camp, give the other group the best tools out there, and they’re likely to blow the whole thing up.

So the question is: Which group of people do you belong to?

Here are some of the success traits for self-assessment

You’re a risk taker!

So you’re not exactly going to throw yourself off the tallest building and hope you’ll land safely somehow.

That would be a dumb move of course.

But if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, then you need to be willing to take some calculated risk.

The good news is that a little bit of research and careful planning can go a long way into helping you make educated decisions.

Obviously, there are no guarantees in business.

Even the greatest ideas fail.

We’ve all seen how some of the most successful businesses lost their market shares and went nowhere.

So if you’re willing to take a little bit of calculated risk and push forward in case things don’t go as planned then you can check this off the list.

Which brings us to the next point…

You Don’t See Failures The Same Way As Others

The way most people react to failure is that they beat themselves up

It gets even worse, if it’s a dramatic failure, most simply quit.

They decide that most plans weren’t meant to be, and so they scrap all their big plans and dreams.

Successful entrepreneurs, on the other hand, don’t view failures as dead-ends

Instead, they see failures and disappointments as steps that bring them closer to success.

After all, it took Thomas Edison a thousand trials and errors before he was able to create the light bulb

Thomas Edison - Success Mindset
Thomas Edison

He saw his failed experiments as lessons in how NOT to create a light bulb.

And with every “failure”, he was one step closer to success.

Once you start seeing your failures as lessons that you learn from, then you too can put yourself one-step closer to success.

You’re Tenacious

Successful entrepreneurs simply don’t give up very easily.

With the Edison example above, he never gave up despite all the “failures” he’s been through

I’ve never heard of a single successful person who hasn’t struggled at their early life

They all faced obstacles, setbacks and problems.

The difference is they kept on going, nothing stopped them from getting where they wanted to be.

So the next time you face a setback remember to be like water when faced with a hill, it goes around it and keeps pushing forward.

You Make Well Educated Decisions

Almost every successful entrepreneur on the planet has, at some point in their career, made a decision based on their “gut feeling”.

But the majority of their decisions are purely based on the data whenever possible, while leaving emotions out of the decision-making process.

As a successful entrepreneur, you don’t throw darts at a dartboard when it’s decision time. 

Successful entrepreneurs are not so arrogant as to think they have all the answers.

Instead, they do the research, test and analyze the data before making a decision.

It may not be the exact right decision, but taking a calculated risk is better than blindly guessing and making decisions based on assumptions.

Keep in mind…

People are going to ridicule your plans

You’re going to feel fear at times.

Things won’t always go as planned

Sometimes life is going to throw you some lemons

Question is: are you going to make a lemonade?

Will you go ahead and do it anyway regardless of the fear you feel?

Will you be able to block out limiting beliefs because you keep your eye on your goal?

You see, many people try to start businesses.

Most of them fail.

Some of them never try again, and go on to live a boring life in a cubicle that they absolutely hate.

You don’t have to be one of those

Because once you tweak your mindset, then you can write your own ticket in life.

The good news is you don’t need to be born with this mindset – you can learn how to think like an entrepreneur starting right now.

Check this out, this could be a huge turning point in your life.

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