In this post, I’m going to discuss an interesting idea that will make you rethink this whole traffic aspect of things, once and for all.

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Starting an online business is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences in anyone’s personal and career life.

Whether your business model is product creation, affiliate marketing or a little bit of both, the idea of creating the content once and sell unlimited number of it for life is mind blowing!

I’ve been doing exactly that for a while, and for some reason, it still amazes me how much power the internet is.

The idea is quite simple really, since the product is digital, you can create unlimited number of downloads because all they are is digital copies! Fascinating!


Here’s a quick rundown for a digital business model

Digital business model

  1. Find a niche that’s easy to find enough buyers in and also one that you like, have personal interest in or know a lot about. Generally speaking, you can’t go wrong with the three top ones; health, wealth and relationships.
  2. Find a problem in that niche. There’s a good reason why those three niches are the top ones, people will always have certain kinds of pain related to health (e.g. how to lose weight), wealth (e.g. how to make money) and relationships (e.g. how to find love)
  3. Create a digital product as a solution to that problem. The digital product can be a PDF report, eBook, checklist, case study, video training or a combination of all the above.
  4. Sell as many copies as possible!

The problem

On the surface, that all looks easy, but the devil is really in the details, or is it?

You see, to be able to sell as many copies as possible, you need to have access to constant supply of leads who can be turned into sales, this is called conversion and it’s a science by itself and it’s beyond this article.

Where are going to get that constant supply of leads (aka traffic) from?

Well, there are so many different ways to find them, the good news is, it’s “relatively” easy to drive traffic to your offers once you have the means to do it. In some cases it’s the know-how, sometimes it’s tools such as Lincover, other times it’s paid traffic in the shape of paid ads or commissions paid to the affiliates if you are the vendor.

While it’s “relatively” easy to drive traffic to your offers, it’s quite costly to do it.

Even in the case when you are relying on free traffic, because you will need to create content, lots of it!

I’m not talking about regular rehashed content, but awesome content….

It takes time, which has more value than money itself, at least this is how I see it.

Here’s the thing

Without constant supply of traffic, you don’t really have an online business

Which is why email marketing is the way to go if you are planning to build a sustainable business

Because once you drive the traffic once, you are able to capture it and keep hitting it over and over again

The problem with email marketing though, it’s both hard and costly


Think about it .. you are bombarded with emails of all kinds on a daily basis

People have less attention span and a lot more frustration with the ridiculous number of emails some marketers send. Believe it or not, some marketers send as many as 7-8 emails a day (CRAZY!!)

So they tend to unsubscribe to skip this email madness

If they bother to check those emails …. that is

If they even receive those emails in their inbox and not in the spam folder …. that is

So the fact of the matter is, as much as email marketing is still the go-to solution that every marketer MUST definitely tap into, it’s becoming more and more difficult to make use of due to the factors I mentioned above and also the costs involved.

I’m not painting a dark image here, I’m simply laying down the facts that most marketers try to hide so they can sell you more of their solutions, because their business model lives and dies by over simplifying how things really work and how their “push button solution” is going to flood your PayPal with money this afternoon.

So what’s the solution then?

Keep reading, I think you will be happy with what I’m about to propose.

The Solution

By now, we have established the basis

In order to have a sustainable business, you need traffic to your offers.

The minute that traffic stops, you are virtually out of business.

In business, the more control you have over the elements of your sales process the more sustainable your business is going to be

The more sustainable your business is, the more predictable your results and financials are

This means .. less things to worry about and less cost on your part

Sounds great .. but how do you achieve that?

Leveraging your already existing customers through continuity (membership program)

The concept itself is sexy .. yet many marketers tend to avoid it all together


Well, a number of reasons ..

Here’s the funny part

All of those reasons are based on a number of misconceptions!

They think it’s hard work, you need to create a membership site, with all the technical hurdles that come with it

Also, you need to do a lot of work on a regular basis to justify the recurring payments

Many internet marketers’ brains are wired in such a way that they follow what I like to call it a “hit & run” method

What is it?

Launch .. cash in .. rinse and repeat <== Vendor

Promote … cash in … rinse and repeat <== Affiliate

So the concept of spending a little bit of time once a month is somewhat foreign to them

If you are still here, I will take it you are interested in what I’m talking about here

Let me assure you, it’s not that hard to maintain a membership program

It doesn’t take you a lot of time to work on a regular basis, either

In fact, I’d rather do little recurring work to maintain my existing loyal customers than living in a constant worry about where my next check is going to come from

I’d rather do little recurring work than constantly be looking for traffic.

Why should you?

These are people who committed their money, time, effort and trust in you

The Recommendation

My friend Kam Jennings (aka Kam Fatz) launched a new product training called The Drive: ZERO to $1,296 MONTHLY!.

He called it that way because the way he delivers it. Basically, he shot the videos while he’s driving around in his car!

What can I say? That’s how Kam is .. doesn’t like doing anything the mundane way LOL

What is The Drive ZERO to $1,296 MONTHLY?

It’s a video training course where Kam reveals exactly how he setup a lucrative and successful membership program business

He reveals his secrets and what made his program successful

He also provides insights on the technical side of things as well

So really, everything you need to start your own membership program without having to worry about the technical aspects.

He also talks about how to attract new members and how to retain them.

I high recommend that you go check it out here, it’s a lot of value for the tiny investment.

The Funnel

Front End Offer ($7-$9.95):

“The Drive: ZERO to $1,296 MONTHLY!” is a 3 module course designed to teach you how Kam took a simple membership program from zero to $1,296 a month and how you could model the process.

Upsell 1 ($27):

US1 is the PLR License for “69 Ways to Create Great Content for Membership Programs.” It’s over an hour of high quality video training done by Kam personally, complete with editable slides and an e-book version. At the price, it’s an excellent value for this kind of package.

Downsell 1 ($17):

DS1 is the personal use version on “69 Ways to Create Great Content for Membership Programs” in US1. This takes away the ability to sell the product but still offers you the right to use the training personally.

Upsell 2 ($10.80)

US2 is the Epic Conversions Insider’s Club! This is a monthly membership program that offers new products monthly, new actionable content weekly, and monthly group coaching calls. It’s a fantastic value at $10.80 a month and a $1.99 trial.

Downsell 2 ($17)

DS2 is the PLR License for Radical Rapport vol 1&2. That is 20 high value content rich internet marketing emails written by Kam personally that are proven to produce high engagement and conversions. They are divided into two volumes with over 20k words between them.

These emails can be used as is, or for blog articles, Facebook posts, or sold as e-books. At the price it’s an excellent value for this kind of package.

Upsell 3 ($197)

US3 is the 11 Week Flagship Course Affiliate Command 2017. Affiliate Command 2017 is a full 11 module system that walks you step by step through how to set up your online business to make money. This is a full video course with over a 100 videos of no fluff value driven content. All students will also get replays on 11 weeks of group coaching from Kam.

DS3 ($97)

DS3 is the Affiliate Command 2017 Master Class replays. This is 11 webinar style training videos that were recorded with a live audience so there are lots of interesting questions and unique real world problems that are solved on these videos. Those have never been offered before and they have never been viewed except by Affiliate Command 2017 students. At the price it’s an excellent value for this kind of package.

Who’s it for?

You might think that this kind of training is only for established marketers.

This is what I thought too

Until I watched Kam’s videos

The way Kam explains how it’s done makes you see how easy it is to set it up, even a beginner can do it

I don’t see why not everyone can have a membership program in their business

As a matter of fact, if you are starting out, probably now is the right time to start it

Because you will start growing it as you grow your business and by the time you have a few years under your belt, you will have yourself a well established business that spits out monthly recurring (semi-passive) income, month after month

So even if you decided you don’t want to work anymore or take a vacation, you have the system in place and the income to justify outsourcing the little monthly work to (a) VA(s).

Or just sell the whole thing for at least 6-figure income. Trust me, businesses that product recurring income sell themselves!

But don’t do that until you are ready to retire on a remote island lol 🙂


This is a training I would recommend to my friends and family. Anyone who wants to build a real business that’s both predictable and sustainable online.

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High Quality Bonus #1: Continuity Mastery 2.0

This 21-part video training is developed by experienced team who is very knowledgeable about internet marketing topics.

The training centers on the topic of building recurring income and a variety of sub-topics that your customers frequently look for answers every time.

It’s a very practical course for begginers!

Here are some of the titles included in this training:

  • The Simple Continuity Model
  • Pick Your Niche Market
  • Sourcing For Content
  • WordPress As Your Platform
  • The Plugins You Need
  • The Payment Processor
  • Autoresponder Overview
  • The Sales Page Builder
  • And much, much more!


If you use this to build a membership sites that brings you at least $100 a month (which is very easy by the way), then that’s $1200 per year


High Quality Bonus #2: Membership Site Kickstarter (Reseller Rights)

Video Course On How You Can Easily Set Up A Membership Site To Earn MASSIVE Recurring Payments!

If you want to build a huge profitable online business, building your own membership site is one of the best and proven model to be effective for the past several years now.

The thing is that, because of the technicalities, most people just don’t dive into it and just do blogging instead.

The good news is that inside this video training course, you are about to learn how to setup your first membership website easily as of today.

Not mentioning the value of the training itself, if you sell only 50 copies at $17 each, which is incredibly easy to do with all that’s included for you, then you will easily make $850


High Quality Bonus #3: 7 Recurring Income Models

In this 8-part video course you will learn about seven different recurring income models.

Traditional Membership Site
Fixed Term Membership Site
Software As A Service
Private Forum
Group Coaching
And more!



That’s the end of the article and review. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or get in touch with me. Also, please share this article with your friends and contacts on social media.


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