“Take Action!!”

The most cliche phrase you’ll ever hear in internet marketing world!

However, those who say it the most don’t know what it’s like to come home late evening after a long day at work…

They don’t know what it’s like having to battle for your living…

Day in … day out!

Everybody has that dream of working from home

Who wants to deal with the boss’s mood swings?

Walk in the door after a long day at work…

All you really need is a meal to eat and a bit of quiet “you-time”

Wishful thinking? Yeah .. tell me about it

But then the reality hits you in the nose

As soon as you walk in………..

You hear your spouse complaining about you not getting stuff done

Hearing about how your son needs help with his math homework and prepare for his writing testย tomorrow

And get reminded about the one stupid thing you forgot the pickup from the grocery store on your way home….

Yet you pull yourself together and get all those crossed off

Because guess what?

Somebody’s gotta get them done ..

And that somebody is going to be YOU

And once all done …

Now you sit there on the sofa.

Time for some TV to unwind?

Nope … you need to do something about this misery, remember?

Reach to the laptop and fire it up …

Let’s see what the internet has got for you today….

Something that will get you out of this vicious cycle

Hey listen .. there’s a guru talking .. it must be good

“You must take action”, guru says

Now as much as I L O V E gurus … or … don’t … LOL

No seriously ..

This is one advice you shouldn’t ignore…

Thing is ….

I realized that I had to work my a** off

So I ended up doing it

And I continue to do it … on a daily basis

Evenings – Weekends .. Lunch Breaks.. it doesn’t matter

After all .. that’s what got me where I am today

But it didn’t come without a price

Come on…

We both know how it’s done ….

But the situation goes something like this…

The only way to really have the freedom to do what you want online is to show some solid results

The family will then be supportive of you and cut you some slack for not being around for them

but that won’t happen until REAL results actually come

They don’t understand that it takes time and hard work

Yet you know you won’t see results if you don’t take massive action

So it’s like which one comes first, the action taking (chicken) or the results (egg)?

It’s a dilemma .. isn’t it?

Not anymore ..

I always say .. when there’s a marketer there’s a solution ๐Ÿ˜‰

And a brilliant marketer came up with a thing called

Done For You (DFY) / Business in a box solution..

Just like instant noodles bags you (or someone else for that matter) take to work for lunch ..

What does it say?

Just add boiled water!

This one says: Just add your Click Bank affiliate ID!


Gain access to 60 DONE FOR YOU affiliate websites and product reviews in multiple niches…

Just add your clickbank affiliate ID….

And you’re in profit mode within minutes

Talk about passive evergreen income with multiple income streams!!

So now you have two options:

Buy more $7 products and do nothing with them

Get a DFY business in a box and save yourself and your family a ton of time and action taking

Only get this if:

– You are not an action taker (don’t care what excuses you have, I’m not here to judge you)
– You have no time to build websites
– You value your time more than money
– You don’t mind spending $100 to build a REAL business that will generate passive income


Let me wish that your boss doesn’t show up to work today ๐Ÿ™‚


Instant noodles for lunch?
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Instant noodles for lunch?
The most cliche phrase you'll ever hear in internet marketing world! However, those who say it the most don't know what it's like to come home late evening after a long day at work... They don't know what it's like having to battle for your living... Day in ... day out!
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