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My Story: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Embarrassing

This story is like no other story you’ve read or heard about … simply because of only one reason

Unlike other stories … this one doesn’t have an ending to it!

More on that later … but first, let me begin by properly introducing myself like a gentleman with manners

My name is Momen Khaiti, originally from Damascus, Syria but currently live in Abu Dhabi, the beautiful capital city of the United Arab Emirates

I’m 40 years old, married and have 2 handsome boys

I have a Math degree by training although I never really worked as a mathematician and only briefly as a part time teacher

Most of my professional experience is in media, both traditional and digital

I’m passionate about photography and video making although I did some work in this space as a freelancer.

I also participated in photography exhibitions and sold some of my images on stock agencies online (nice little passive income there by the way)

Before I go on with that, if you are interested, you are welcome to visit my other website to check out my portfolio

I’m also a scuba diver and a blogger when I feel like it…

My first love story with computers goes back to the late 1990’s when my dad bought our first home computer

Just like you and most people out there when they get something new, me and my siblings were flipping excited!

While we were mainly using it for gaming, we still learned the basics of using it (DOS was the operating system LOL)

I got good with computers at school. While I was studying my Math degree, I had a chance to study programming courses as part of the curriculum.

To my own surprise, let alone others’, I was getting much higher grades in programming courses than math courses!

But before you jump to the conclusion that I have an advantage, I’ll tell you that everything I learned back then is now ¬†somewhat obsolete

When I graduated university, people were throwing the word “eCommerce” and “eMarketing” around a lot

Back then, nobody knew what they really were and what they involved, but they were trendy anyway…

Having no work experience to add on my resume, I wasn’t able to land any good paying full time job with my degree

So my dad signed me up for some eCommerce training courses thinking that they will give my career a little boost

But those courses were only hype and nothing more than Java programming – way too technical and boring even for me who enjoyed programming so much

I went through it nevertheless. In the meantime, I got a part time job as an HTML web designer in a small family-based company that designs websites and sells them to clients in the local market

Later I moved to another company where I learned ASP programming language and started developing dynamic websites beyond just HTML

But since this whole internet business was relatively new to people, most of the startups didn’t last for long

I had to leave my job a few times as these companies closed down due to lack of experience on how to run them properly

Which forced me back into corporate .. office job .. 9-5 .. checking in and checking out .. answering to a boss…

The regular stuff that sucks you in and keeps you stuck at it waiting for a mercy to come down upon you

They paid good … but something inside was telling me that this isn’t what I wanted for myself

I was a little too passionate about adding value and improving myself to do more and eventually earn more

Unfortunately though, that’s NOT how it works in the real corporate world .. at least that’s not how it worked for me

So I turned back to the internet and started a cooking YouTube channel with you wife being an amazing cook, which turned to be very successful

But this was never a full time income but rather a fun project on the side

Even if this was a proper business, being completely dependent on the star of the show (my wife in this case) made it somewhat difficult to sustain and scale

With the family, the pregnancy, kids, it was just too difficult to grow it to where we originally wanted it to be

I then realized, I’ve got to do something for myself that’s beyond the never-ending loop of “merry-go-round” job

Don’t get me wrong, I have an amazing job that pays me well and helps me put food on the table and a roof over their heads

But no matter how great the job is, I believe you should build something that you can call our own.

You deserve to have a legacy .. your family deserves your time

So as I was researching the idea of making money online, I came across the concept of passive income and I was hooked!

The idea of working from home on your own terms and watch your kids grow before your eyes was too fascinating to skim over

Knowing that your constant pursuit of developing your skill set will translate into tangible cash in your pocket is too good to not think about it every minute of your daily life

The idea of being able to take full control of your own life and having the freedom to work from wherever you want and whenever you want, knowing that you’ve got a great potential for growth is something that stayed with me throughout the day everyday

It’s like someone born blind not knowing what’s like to see the light and finally seeing it for the first time

A moment of realization on how blind I was to the fact that I wasn’t born to build someone else’s success

So here I am … hustling to make the transition and lay the foundation that I will be falling on when I finally make the jump

You see, if this was up to me, I’d make the jump anyway and figure out how to land on the way down

But when you have a family to provide to, things have a totally different perspective

Now here comes the embarrassing part .. I got myself in debt buying way too many “shiny objects”

Until one day, and as I was ready to give up on this whole idea of internet marketing …

I was venting to my good friend Tim Verdouw .. so he opened my eyes to the fact that I had to have a mindset shift

He introduced me to a program that turned things around for me and put that drifting train back on track

I started seeing things differently and had new perspective on how things work

So I started learning .. and taking action

And as of now, I’m building my online “empire”, one asset at a time and I’m starting to see real results coming in

Like I said before, this story doesn’t end here and probably never will


Because the internet is such a vast space .. as vast as the world itself

Because the technology is incredibly fast-paced ..

Because learning is a never ending process ..

Because I meet amazing people on social media every single day..

Because I’m lucky enough to be able to help people like you realize their dreams..

But most importantly…

Because when you aspire to succeed .. only the sky is the limit!

Momen Khaiti


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