I’m guilty of this myself, so I’m writing it as a reminder to all of us entrepreneurs

For an entrepreneur to succeed, they’ve got to put in the grind

Whoever says otherwise is simply telling lies

Ok, maybe they are established and have systems and/or people in place working for them

But to get to this point, well, it took them a whole lot of time and efforts

I know it because I’m experiencing this myself right now

You see, as of the time I’m writing this, I still have a full time job.

I do internet marketing on the side.

So after my daily 9-5 grind, I only have a few hours to work the business that already needs a lot of time

But it’s something I have to do … if not for me .. for my family

Sure this is going to actually help me put food on table for them

But it’s so easy to get caught up spending all the spare time I have on the computer or looking at my phone

Sometimes I only realize how much time I spent on the computer when I realize that everybody went to bed

I feel bad about not spending enough time with my family .. although I know I should

It’s so easy to forget sometimes that your spouse and kids don’t just need your spending

Sure money is important .. I’m not saying it’s not

But so is your time with them.

When they grow up one day, they will look back and ask, was he/she with us as we grew up?

Maybe they will forgive that you didn’t buy them the latest toy but they will never forgive that you didn’t bother to take the time to answer their question when they asked

Because you were too busy replying to an email or writing a blog post

Life has too many variables .. but has only a few constants that never change

The one constant that’s often overlooked is this: kids will never be the same age again!

Come to think of it, this is a scary fact!

The first time they walk, the cute things they say, the loud laughter they break into

They never come back …

Note to self:

Make sure you spend at least an hour of QUALITY time with your family every single day

Quality time means no phone, no laptop, no internet, no TV and no distractions whatsoever

Talk to them, laugh with them, answer their questions and ask them questions and most importantly play with them

Cherish all these special moments because the reality is once they are gone .. they are GONE for good!

Let them remember the good times ..

And the next time you feel that you need to finish that one last thing

STOP, look away .. and remember … it’s family time!

STOP, look away .. it's family time!
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STOP, look away .. it's family time!
Most of us entrepreneurs tend to spend so much time behind our computers or on our phones. Let's not forget the main reason why we do that in the first place
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